Titans Work on the ‘Knitty’-Gritty


Mia Guidolin, Ellie Johnson, Dana Stonebraker

Knitting– it’s not just for grandmas! Senior Abrianna Windmon along with the help of art teacher Melissa Woody lead an informal knitting group during Titan Time each day.

Windmon said she and Senior Evey Shults started off by teaching Woody how to do some basic stitches along with some other students.

Knitting and crocheting are both methods used to stitch yarn together, the only difference is that they are different styles of it. With knitting, you use two long needles to form loops that are then moved from one needle to the other. In crocheting, however, you only have one needle with a hook at the end of it, and that hook is used to stitch the loops of yarn together on the piece you are creating. 

Windom said that there aren’t too many people in the group, as of right now, but that she hopes it will continue to grow. 

Crocheting and knitting are really fun and relaxing. I didn’t think it was going to be a thing a lot of people do, but I’m glad people have shown interest,” Windmon said.  

Freshman Emilia Jenkins said that she heard of the group through Woody. 

She [Woody] mentioned wanting to learn about crocheting, and we thought it would be fun to teach her, and some other classmates mentioned wanting to learn,” Jenkins said. The majority of the group didn’t know how to knit before joining. Jenkins said that as of right now, most people are still in the process of learning so the group focuses on their individual projects. “I think it would be a lot of fun in the future to do one big project,” Jenkins said. 

Jenkins learned how to crochet through her grandma. “When I hit about 11, I got bored with it and pretty much completely stopped, then we started the club and I started crocheting again. Honestly, it’s a lot more fun than I remembered,” she said. 

You don’t have to already know how to crochet/knit in order to join. According to Windom, the majority of the members are still in the process of learning. To those that are on the fence, Jenkins said, “A lot of people are hesitant to learn, but after you learn, it’s muscle memory.”