Designers Jump-start Their Skills at West


Ella Skelsey, Keira Echelkraut

A slew of art classes are offered in LSR7, from drawing to ceramics, but one that may go unnoticed is the Graphics and Computer Arts course that takes art to the digital world. 

The course is one semester with two levels offered. Each year, the G&C I classes work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit and create individual projects. Favorites of this semester featured glitch designs and minimal landscapes. “I just liked how it [the glitch project] looked, how it came out … [it took us] about a week or so,” junior Joy Goehring said.

Students are also working on designs for the next graduating class’s senior shirts for Project Grad—currently the class of 2023’s. Goehring was one of the designers whose idea was selected for the shirts. Goehring said she thinks the designs are more well-received when made by fellow students.

 “I think it’s awesome because they have their own input on what they wanna put on their shirts, and they’re more exciting than boring, and they’re more unique,” Goehring said. 

Senior Amber Hernandez-Vantuyl said, “When we did our project grad shirts, we had them all around the room and the other class, all classes actually voted on all of the shirts and picked the best one.” While most of their projects are individual, the class keeps a collaborative environment with peer input throughout the semester.