Fitting in: Arthur Fiuza

Taelyn Hillman


Arthur Fiuza is an exchange student from Brazil who has been in America for the past 10 months. Fiuza came to the United States so that he could play soccer more professionally in a more competitive setting. “At home, in Brazil, they don’t have much for competitive school sports, we mainly focus on studying,” Fiuza said. But he has always loved soccer and has always enjoyed playing it. 

But while Fiuza misses home, America has been an amazing opportunity for him to see more of the world, and play the sport he loves. “ I miss home but it has been a great experience to be here, ” Fiuza said.  While being in America, Fiuza has traveled to a lot of places within the United States with his host family and his soccer team.

 “My favorite place that I have been to is Chicago because it is a big city like my home in Brazil.”  Fiuza comes from a large city, so it was different for him to live in a smaller town like Lee’s Summit. So to go to Chicago felt a little bit like he was back home.

While he loves to have fun and hang out with friends, Arthur has a huge devotion to soccer both on and off the field. As soon as Fiuza came to America he tried out for the LSW soccer team and secured a varsity spot. The varsity soccer coach, Chris Brizendine, said “Arthur is hard working and has a great attitude, but also a love for the sport.”

 As soon as Fiuza made the variety soccer team, he was immediately welcomed by the players and was a great asset for the team during their season. “He really embraced his position on the team and really found his spot, and has excelled since then,” Brizendine said. Fiuza helped the team a lot within the season; always keeping a positive and an even open mindset.

Fiuza is living with another foreign exchange student. Johann Volk is an exchange student from Germany who came to America at the same time Fiuza did. They do a lot of things together, like travel and they have a similar friend group. Volk is playing both Lacrosse and he also does Track. Volk came from a small town of around 2,000 people, so coming to America was a major change for him. 

Volk and Fiuza have become very close after staying with their host family for 10 months. “Arthur is very nice and very open about things. He has been a great person to stay with,” Volk said. Volk and Fiuza both enjoy going to sports games and they both prioritize sports in general. 

Overall America has been an amazing experience for Arthur. Filled with new friends, new adventures and challenges to overcome. Fiuza is grateful for his experiences and the things that he has learned while being in America. Fiuza is missing home but ready to continue soccer and living life in America.