Madden Makes Her Mark

Reagan Boucher


Marshay Madden is a senior here at West, Madden is involved in a lot of clubs including some with Senior Aliyah Azam. Azam said she and Marshay run a club together, “Marshay and I are presidents of a club called Harmony Council. This is a club that encourages a healthy environment to learn of different cultures and religions as well as encourages diversity within an individual’s life,” Azam said.

“She is amazing at constructing plans for the meeting, and her plans always consider what would be most entertaining for the group members,” Azam said.

Azam said she is always a leader, “Marshay is great at showing leadership skills. She has been able to step up and lead meetings alone when I am occupied with my other clubs,” Azam said.

Madden is good at leading clubs, and she is also good at helping people, “Marshay has an amazing personality and is considerate of those around her,” Azam Said.

“I would have regretted, and I can say this wholeheartedly. if I didn’t get involved, at least in one club… I definitely think more people should get involved,” Madden said. 

Madden is in a lot of clubs, but she got help from somewhere. Marshay said she got help from  her teachers Kailey Black, Rhonda Ireland, and Trisha Carney. “I honestly feel like a lot of my teachers throughout my high school experience have nurtured me or helped me in some type of way,” Madden said.

Azam said that Madden has a great personality. “She is the best person to have deep conversations with about the future or just about things that are happening in life.” 

Another person Marshay is friends with is Julia Spencer. “We’re involved in multiple clubs together, Including black student union, harmony council, and kindness council,” Spencer said.

“Marshay is an incredible person. She radiates kindness and compassion and is an extremely genuine person. She’s one of my best friends and she deserves all of the great things that are coming to her,” Spencer said.

“I feel like Marshay is actually a leader. She’s able to lead a crowd without being harsh or rude,” Spencer said.

Marshay has done a lot to help people in highschool, and she will also be a great leader in college. “I’m planning on going to Mizzou, and I want to study psychology,” Madden said. 

“Psychology is interesting when you’re able to dissect it in different ways. I feel like that’s what intrigued me about Mizzou because I didn’t hear a lot about that from other schools,” Madden said.