12th man continues on


For the students of Lee’s Summit West, Friday night football games would not be the same without the 12th Man. This upcoming year, seniors Mitch Graham and Austin Eveler have decided to take on this job that many people dream of having. For Graham, being a part of the 12th Man has been something he has been looking forward to since the moment he entered West.

“When I was a freshman my older brother was in twelfth man and it always looked like a ton of fun so I’m excited to be a part of it,” said Graham.

Many are surprised to see that there are only two people on the 12th Man as opposed to four in the previous years. However, only having two people this year is not stopping them from bringing tons of fun and excitement to the fans. It also gives them a chance to express their ideas without the input of multiple other people.

“I think having two people will make it better because when we have to make a decision, we just have to talk to each other and don’t have to worry about having two other opinions,” said Graham.

The two seniors are filled with lots of good ideas that they plan to use to fill the shoes of the previous year’s 12th Man.

“We will get the team hyped up every game, jack with the opposing team, and make everyone in the crowd laugh with our dance moves,” said Eveler.

As seniors, Graham and Eveler want to be the big faces of West and leave a legacy for the future 12th Man. They hope to make this year one to remember, and being a part of the 12th Man is one way to do that.

Eveler said there are many things to be excited for such as, “running the flags out on the field and trying to be the best 12th man West has ever seen.”