Summer Excursions


With Summer just around the corner, some students at West have the chance to take an outof this world vacation away from Lee’s Summit.

Sophomore Drew Skinner is one of the students who is in store for a european getaway. “We’re going to Europe. Gonna be visiting Spain, Portugal, France, England. It’s gonna be awesome,” said Skinner.


Junior Jessica Cox plans on taking a trip to Mexico with her family for little over a week.

“We wanted to go somewhere with a really nice beach and really clear water,” said Cox.

Cox isn’t the only one taking a tropical trip, freshman Liz Haus is ditching Missouri’s lakes for beautiful beaches.

“Im going to stay in Cancun in the Moon Palace resort, and I am very, very excited,” said Haus.

Cancun will be Haus’ first excursion to another country, and she will be able to partake in many adventures with her family while she is there.

“I hope to swim with the dolphins and go to the spa, and tan a lot…and I plan to eat. A lot,” said Haus.

With Summer comes high expectations, so whether you’re taking a vacation that’s a country away, or staying local, take the opportunity of having a break from school and make the time count.