Throwback Television Brings Back Memories and Smiles


Story by: Catherine Hutinett

A phone is a device in your pocket, that has the capability to connect to every edge of the Earth at any given time, and it makes binge watching old television shows easy.

For most people, the thought of their old favorites brings back memories of a more simple time; e.g. When there was not a million things to do, and the iPhone was non-existent.

“Watching them brings back memories of being younger,” said Sophomore Laura Behm. Behm is a big throwback Disney fanatic. “I feel like too many of the shows now, are using the same plotlines, but the older ones seemed more original… and funnier,” she explained. “The kids who still watch Disney Channel are missing out on crossovers, like That’s so Suite Life of Hannah Montana.”

Behm also discussed how the characters are different now, than a few years ago.

“On Hannah Montana, Jackson and Miley Cyrus always fight with eachother.. like a real brother and sister would actually fight. Now, [siblings] have discrepancies, but they never actually do any harm to each other.”

Students who enjoyed Hannah Montana and other old Disney shows now have the opportunity to re-watch them on most TV networks. Hannah Montana first aired 8 years ago. Photo by: Katie Britton-Melicsh

On Wednesday nights from 11:00pm to 5:00am, in 2014, the Disney Channel has throwback night with shows like That’s so Raven, Even Stevens, Phil of the Future, Lizzie Mcguire, Cory in the House, Kim Possible,and Lilo & Stitch.

“I think it’s great, because I want to watch the throwback shows, but if it’s a school night I’m not going to stay up to watch TV,” explained Behm.

Other favorite throwback shows came from broadcast networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC. Sophomore Danielle Gorman enjoys watching throwback sitcoms like Boy Meets World, Friends, and Full House.

“Alot of sitcoms today are really cheesy, because the lessons revolve more around technology. You get to see how they got along without computers or cell phones. In Full House and Boy Meets World, the lessons went beyond getting a bad grade… but it went to being involved with drugs and alcohol, sometimes,” said  Gorman.

Gorman also explains the relationships of the characters. “Cory and Topanga were one of the more healthy couples, that we could look up to. Kids today need to know about.”

It was announced last week that Central Perk from Friends is going to be a temporary coffee shop in Central Park, NY to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the television show. A few day later it was announced that there may be a Full House reboot in the works.

“I hope [the Full House revival] works, if they have the right team.” said Behm.

(Featured Disney movie collage from The Coronette blog)