"American Horror Story" Scares Audiences With a New Season


Commentary by Cassie Ferrick

American Horror Story, a Hollywood slasher film extended into a television show, premiered it’s fourth season Oct. 10. The opening credits, notorious for the haunting images and cringeworthy music to add to the effect, has once again changed to adapt to the new season’s theme, Freak Show.

Each season, American Horror Story changes it’s plot, and starts from scratch with a new fear, and the same actors the viewers have grown to love. Evan Peters, a regular lead since the first season has captured the hearts of many ladies who watch the show despite his disturbing backstories. This season, Peters is portraying the character of Jimmy Darling, the lobster handed son of the one and only bearded lady, portrayed by Kathy Bates.

Bates, along with star Jessica Lange, are two of the strongest actresses to appear on the show. The acting on American Horror Story has always been chilling, and Freak Show is no let down. Incorporating new actors on the show is always hard for regular shows, but American Horror Story pulls it off without a problem.

Photo courtesy of FX Networks

One of the brand new and recognizable characters this season is Twisty the Clown, a sadistic and homicidal clown who transforms real life fears into something much more terrifying. Freak Show, revolving around the fame obsessed Elsa Mars, played by the talented Jessica Lange, will explore the ‘what if’ world of seriously, seriously messed up circumstances.

Taking in a two headed lady, the worlds smallest woman, and other oddities, American Horror Story is not for the light hearted. The frightening aspect of American Horror Story is what seems to draw it’s viewers in and the writers seem to create an atmosphere of creepy and enticing all at the same time and with that, one can only hope Freak Show won’t disappoint.