Old Hairstyles Re-Emerge


Story by Alex Asbury

Senior Matt Petrucci enjoys his experimental haircut. Petrucci was inspired to cut it after seeing a man in Westport with a similar style.
Senior Bryce Kreikemeier enjoys a mullet hairstyle. He said he likes being unique and different through his creative hair.


Recently, new and old hairstyles have been popping up at West.

Senior Matt Petrucci shows off a slick style with shaved sides and a braided rat tail.

“I love it because I can’t think of anyone who has the same hairstyle as me; I aim to be unique,” said Petrucci.

Petrucci said his friends and family all had positive reactions, but there was much curiosity surrounding the new style.

“I’ve heard nothing but compliments, but I do get a lot of questions about the braid on the back of my head,” said Petrucci.

“I saw it on a guy as I was walking on the street one day in Westport and since then I wanted one,” said Petrucci.

An old style that has been a popular return among boys is the mullet.

Senior Bryce Kreikemeier is one of the handful of boys at West to resurrect the style.

“I chose the mullet because I wanted to do something different, something not boring,” said Kreikemeier.

Kreikemeier said he appreciates new and old hair styles.

“I like that different and old hairstyles are considered different these days, so I love it,” said Kreikemeier.

Petrucci said he finds that the styles that are trending lately are a positive and unique way of expressing individuality.

“I think it’s pretty dope that some of the older hairstyles are coming back, things tend to be boring when everyone does what’s normal,” said Petrucci.

Both Kreikemeier and Petrucci said they already have ideas for their next new and interesting hairstyle.

Kreikemeier said he plans to keep his mullet and add racing stripes, and Petrucci said he hopes to change to the European mullet.

Photos by Lilly Mather