What's So Great About October?


Commentary by Abbey Stoetzel

October is my favorite month. It seems to be everyone else’s favorite month also, which made me ask: why? What’s so good about October?

At least here in Missouri, it’s the real start to the new season. October replaces shorts with jeans, t-shirts with flannels, headbands with beanies, and sandals with boots. October is the time when we start to see the leaves change, which gives life to the outside. The crunching of the leaves beneath our shoes brings a smile to my face because it is the sound of fall.

October also brings the start of holiday season. Halloween takes part on the last day , and who doesn’t love Halloween? We get to dress up completely random and eat a lot of candy. Also, October brings in everything pumpkin for the later holidays. We’ve got pumpkin spice lattes (which I am actually not a fan of), pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin spice oreos, and basically anything else you can imagine.


Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes (still not a fan), October seems to bring in new drinks. Apple cider is the best at this time of year. October also seems to be the time when the weather is saying, “Yes! Drink hot coffee again!” I know it’s not just me, but coffee shops seem like the best place to hang out in October (not that they aren’t the rest of the year) because they are so cozy this time of year.

On a school related point, we get so much of October off from school, it’s ridiculous. This allows for more time outside, and hey, I’m not complaining.

October IS the greatest month of the year and I hope you agree with me.