After a move, Reece finds success in sports


Story by Kaitlin Lyman

Many students going to West have lived in the area since middle or even elementary school; however that is not always the case, like with Sophomore Hailey Reece.

“I’m not from Missouri, I’m actually from Arkansas and I moved here about one and a half years ago because of my dad’s job,” said Reece. “I left behind three older siblings that have their own families. I am the youngest child. We are all fairly close but I have kinda lost touch with them since I have moved here to Missouri.”

Entering a new place as a freshman in high school can challenging. “Most of my friends are back home in Arkansas and I try to keep in touch with them as much as I can,” said Reece.

“She likes to hang out with friends but is pretty independent,” Sophomore Dominique Wilson said, “She’s funny and outgoing. She’s just a fun person to be around.”

“She’s really bubbly and sweet and likes to make people smile,” said Sophomore Casey Cunningham. Both girls met her through basketball in their freshmen year.

“I play softball and I run track. I used to do any sport you could think of, but now that I’m in high school I just do those two. I play for a competitive softball team but I also play for LSW and I run track for West,” said Reece.

Cunningham said, “She’s good in basketball but she’s an amazing track runner.”

“She’s very independent. But you always need to have that one person you can talk to freely. I’m glad to say that I feel I can be that person,” said Cunningham. “Hailey always has that one smile where it just makes people happier.”