Lacrosse girls look to play in college


Story by Hannah Keel

Many teens stress over college costs as graduation approaches. Some try to land sports scholarships.

“It is very unlikely to get a full ride scholarship with lacrosse,” said Girls Lacrosse Coach Jay Hertzler. That being said, Hertzler said getting a partial one is not impossible.

Madeline Cosgrove, a senior varsity player at West, got a scholarship through Lacrosse.

Cosgrove has plans to attend Rockhurst University after four years of lacrosse.

“This year is probably the best,” Cosgrove said.

Another lacrosse player hoping on scoring a scholarship is Sydney Malcolm. Malcolm has been playing for five years and hopes to play through college.

“It’s a lot of fun and I met a lot of friends through it,” said Malcolm, who enjoys the aspect of travel with the sport.

“I really like my coaches and my teammates,” said Cosgrove.

After college Cosgrove plans on going into the nursing field and Malcolm plans to be a biomedical engineer.

“Colleges look for well-rounded athletes,” said Hertzler,“They like players with multiple sports or activities.”

Hertzler said that those who do receive scholarships “play at tournaments and reach out to coaches.”

“It’s nice to win, but it’s more about the fun,” said Cosgrove.

Scholarships and winning aside, Hertzler said his favorite part of coaching (something he’s been doing since 2000) is “the opportunity to make a sport enjoyable for the youth.”