Top Social Media Accounts to Follow


By Lauren Roberts

Social media can be an outlet to knowledge all around the world, a way to stay in touch with your friends, or maybe just a place to look at puppies.  No matter what accounts you follow, social media is used by most teens, so you should get in the know.  According to Pew Internet & American Life Project teens ages 12-17, about 81% of teens use social media.

Ally Turner happens to be a teen in the percentage.

“I follow pretty much people I know and cute dog accounts,” said Turner.  One may ask “why follow puppy accounts?”

To Turner, the answer to the question is obvious.  Turner says “[I follow them] cause they’re so cute!”

Following lively cheery accounts on social media can brighten your day and provide a needed smile.

Cami Gonzalez follows funny viner accounts on Twitter.  She says how it “helps her relax after school and have fun at the same time.”

A few accounts she follows is @thenickcolletti and @codyko.

Following funny accounts is much needed, but you should always make sure you follow a good amount of acquaintances too.  Cami says “I follow people that I know, but it’s fun to have a humorous side on Twitter too.”

According to, only 35.5% of teens watch the news daily.  That leaves a lot of world knowledge in the minds of teens empty.  Following an important news station like @CNN can be an easy way to get in the know without taking the time to watch the news.

Social media can be utilized in many different ways, and getting a variety of all of them is important.