Top 10 Chromebook Apps


With the Chromebooks being a new addition to every LSR7 student’s backpack this year, there is a great deal of exploring to be done with the new device.

Because the chromebook is issued by the school district, there are some pretty tight restrictions on what is accessible and what isn’t. However, the restrictions can not withhold everything from us, and instead leaves behind some useless but semi-amusing gadgets & chrome extensions for us to mess with.

With that being said, here is a list of the top 10 most useless chromebook apps, some of which will make you wonder who thought of it (and who had the time to make it).Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.50.00 AM

  1. Dell Disco: You’ve probably seen it in class already- the kid in the back cracking up because he figured out how to magically change his chromebook light from blue to red to green and back again. In case you’ve been wondering how to do that- here you go. Its an extension called Dell Disco, which lets you pick from 7 different colors, or use disco mode if you can’t pick just one color. What is the purpose of this extension? Who knows.
  2. DO IT!: You also may have seen (or heard) this one already. This extension puts a tiny profile of Shia Labeouf on your toolbar, and each time you click it a segment of his famous “Just do it!” video plays in the bottom right corner of your screen. Though this extension claims to give you motivation when you need it most, it seems to be more of a distraction than a helpful utility.
  3. nCage: If you have an unusual obsession with Nicolas Cage, this extension may be a life changer for you. The extension, once installed, changes every picture on every website you visit to an image on Nicolas Cage. Careful with this one, though. If you try to use Google Images while it is installed, you may have a hard time seeing anything but a glorious image of Nicolas Cage.
  4. Mustachio- Similar to the way the nCage extension works, Mustachio adds a mustache to every image on any page. Searching Queen Elizabeth for a project in World History? Impress your teacher with an image of Queen Elizabeth with a mustache. What are the practical applications here? Absolutely nothing.
  5. Jailbreak the Patriarchy- This extension is….unique. It changes all feminine pronouns and nouns to their masculine counterparts, and vice versa. For example, if you’re reading a page on Queen Elizabeth, it would be King Elizabeth with this extension. Confusing, right? Useless? Totally.
  6. Minions Tribute- As if we haven’t seen enough of the Minion branding yet, this extension tops it off. Each time you open a new tab, it will have a giant Minion face accompanying it. it is similar to how a chrome theme looks, except it connects to Yahoo instead of Google. it serves no purpose, other than reminding you of how dominating the Minion branding is in US popular culture.
  7. Millennials Begone!- Have you ever seen the word ‘millennial’ too much, and if you see it one more time you may just flip out? Yeah me either, but if you ever come to that point, Millennials Begone! has your back. It replaces the work ‘millennials’ to ‘pesky whipper snapper’ on every page you could ever visit- just the word ‘millennials.’
  8. Nothing- This is a real extension, and currently has over 6,000 reviews and a 5-star rating. It does absolutely nothing. It has one job, and I suppose it does that one job very, very well.
  9. No Cyrus- It does exactly what is sounds like- it blocks out any and all mention or image of Miley Cyrus. So, if you really just cannot stand the singer and you get distracted each time you see her or her name, this extension could actually be quite useful for you. However, if you are not in that group, you will probably find this application just as useless as it sounds.
  10. Upside Down- Okay lets be honest, this extension could be the ultimate prank on a friend. Say they stepped away from their open chromebook for a moment- all you have to do is install Upside Down, and when they get back, each and every web page they visit will be flipped upside down. they will be confused, and likely so will the teacher. Just don’t let them take it to the Tech department for fixing- they have enough on their plates right now.