Girls tennis finds success in teamwork


Emma Coleman

Summer is drawing to a close bringing with it the smell of pumpkin coffee, the stress of school, and the arrival of fall sports.

Almost 40 girls are participating in tennis this fall, and many of them play outside of school as well. “I’ve been playing tennis for four years now. I started at a club at first,” said sophomore Emily Cravens.

“I play at school and I play competitively by myself, it was a hobby at first but then it became a passion,” said sophomore Pranathi Gannavaram.

The Lady Titans have done a unique job of turning a sport which focuses on the individual into a hard working and supportive team. “They make us want to win for the team and they help us to believe that we can do our best. We do fuel up before every match, we are like a family,” said Cravens.

“School is different from club because you are actually on a team and you can support one another, you’re not by yourself. [We’re] there to win and do [our] best and I like that.” said Gannavaram.

With the season now in full swing the girls are practicing hard, getting results, and looking toward future matches and even state.

“So far it’s been a lot of fun, and we’ve won most of our matches. We have a great team and I’m hoping we can continue to do well,” said freshmen Meghan Demo.

“We went to Columbia and we got second place, we’ve won all of our conference matches so far. We swept Lee’s Summit and should be able to beat north this [year]. We might lose one or two but we have a strong team this year,” said Gannavaram.

I think some of us might go to state,” said Cravens, “We have a couple of tournaments left, districts, and [then] state.”

The Lady Titans have worked hard to achieve what they have, they look toward future matches and tournaments, supporting each other along the way.