New Martian movie review


The Martian Photo from Forbes

McKenna Rex


*Some Spoilers*

Living alone for two years on a lifeless planet can be possible. Mark Watney, an astronaut thought dead, is left on Mars. This masterpiece of a book, written by Andy Weir, follows as Watney works through trials and tribulations to return home to earth. Since the teaser trailer released on June 8th, a discussion has sparked on how realistic is the technology in the movie to NASA technology?

Mark Watney´s college degree in botany, which he’d never thought he would use. With his degree he was able to create a plant farm to make waiting to be rescued monumentally easier to endure. Watney creates a makeshift potato farm on a lifeless planet; just imagine eating only potatoes for two years. Most of the technology talked about in the movie is either in development, or created to be used in now, or future space travel.

Ion engines are being improved for further space travel and, new and improved rovers. Sojourner, a rover that has be inactive for 18 years, even had a second debut in The Martian, when Watney uses the rover to help communicate to NASA. The technology isn’t the only thing that helps survive. What keeps a lone astronaut sane is lots of jokes. Lots. His filthy sense of humor keeps him laughing and sane.

The Martian comes out on October 2nd, for more information about the new technology visit