New Seasons of Favorite T.V. Shows


By Hannah Keel

Now that the return of a new year has come around, so has our favorite television series. Shows such as “The Vampire Diaries”,  “Pretty Little Liars” , and “The Bachelor,” are only some of the popular shows students are excited for here at West. “The Vampire Diaries” is a television series about a group of vampires who take place in a town called “Mystic Falls.” There is more than just vampires; werewolves and witches even partake in this show as well. “Damon is my favorite character,” said Katy Moffitt, a sophomore here at West. Damon is one of the main characters in this series who fights along with his brother, Stefan, against any enemy that they may encounter. “All the violence,” (as well as drama) is Moffitt’s favorite part.

Another show that is full of drama and always leaves one hanging is none other than “Pretty Little Liars.” This show has been on for six years now, anIMG_9997d the new season leaps five years into the future. Carleigh Belz, a freshman at West is one of this show’s many fans. “I binged watched it last summer on Netflix,” said Belz. Belz’s favorite character is Spencer “because she is intelligent and quirky,” said Belz. This show is set in a town called Rosewood with the fictional characters Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Spencer Hastings. All of the characters get blackmailed by an anonymous person called “A” almost everyday and are made to do things against their will.

“The Bachelor” is yet another show that almost every teenage girl is in love with. This show takes a group of women into paradise to fight for one man to become their husband. After all of the one-on-one and group dates, the bachelor has to send girls home each week , if they didn’t receive a rose. In the end, the bachelor gets down on one knee to propose to his future wife. This show plays on Monday’s and one of the millions of viewers is Karlee Ranville, a sophomore at west. “It’s full of drama and romance,” said Ranville.

These are only some of the new seasons that have premiered since the new year, and many more to come.