What Duo is You and your BFF?


Quiz by Katherine Hutinett

Where would you be on a Friday night?

      1. Shopping
      2. Watching a movie or hanging out with a larger group of friends
      3. Studying
      4. At the other’s house

Which of these activities would you be most likely to engage in?

      1. Treating yo’ self
      2. Being a wingman for the other bro
      3. Playing board games like Clue, Chess, or Trivial Pursuit
      4. Getting the other friend out of trouble

How often do you fight?

      1. Not often
      2. Only about relationships
      3. We are constantly passive aggressive towards each other.
      4. Constantly, but only for the protection of the other, and about school

What do you like most about the other?

      1. Their style.
      2. Their humor.
      3. Their intelligence.
      4. Their loyalty.

What would you bond over?

    1. Talking about what’s “in.”
    2. “Baywatch”
    3. Oddities and mysteries
    4. Recognising the value of your friendship


Mostly A’s: Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle

You two are passionate. You both want to have the best of everything, and want to share the simplicities of life with each other.


Mostly B’s: Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani

They are always “there for you.” You two get into some pretty strange relationships, but in the end, your humor brings the two of you together.


Mostly C’s: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

You have a complicated, yet solid relationship. You trust the other person with your life, and have a very “hands-off” relationship.


Mostly D’s: DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler  

You two love each other like siblings. You are very protective of each other, especially when it comes to relationships. You may fight like siblings, but at the end of the day you support each other through thick and thin.


Photo From movieforms.com