Top 10 Winter Trends


Story by Emma Elliott

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*These are in no specific order

  1. Boys with Long Hair

Although it is not all High School Girls favorite, most boys skipped the barber and decided to grow their hair into a long tangled mane. The boys would pull back their hair or let it out naturally.


  1. Puffer Vests

Paired with a cute tee, jeans and boots, girls favored this look through Winter 2015. Puffer Vests are the essential winter jacket for high school girls.  Freshman, Makenzie Mathison, said “The biggest trend around high school right now is jeans and a vest.”


  1. Leggings

Even when it isn’t winter, girls figure out ways to justify wearing leggings. Whether it’s with Pink, sweaters or just a plain t-shirt, almost everything goes with leggings. Freshman, Megan Demo said “ The biggest trend in high school during winter would have to be leggings and UGG boots.”


  1. Boots

Boots are perfect for winter, especially since they come in all types like, UGGS, anklet and tall boots. Most girls wear boots as part of their regular outfit. Freshman, Lauren Dodd said “My opinion on the biggest trend in high school is tall boots and jeans.”


  1. Blanket Scarves

As comfy as a blanket but now folded into a cute accessory. High School girls pair these scarves with  the usual, tall boots and jeans on a cold, winter day. Not only is this popular in  highschool but, nationwide blanket scarves have been a hit amongst women and teens everywhere.


  1. Plaid

Since the 70s, plaid has not been too popular. Now the print has become increasingly popular for high schoolers clothing. Things like flannels, scarves and men’s clothing are being sported all through the hallways.


  1. T-shirt Dresses

Long and flowy, t-shirt dresses are almost comfy enough to forget are wearing one. High School girls usually wear kneehighs, boots and a scarf to pair with the dress. These simple yet stylish outfits create a great way to dress up.


  1. Manbuns

Manbuns aren’t only popular among the hipsters, highschool boys become tired of leaving their hair down. So, they tie their hair up into a once popular fad, messy buns.


  1. Pink

Pink comfortable and great quality fitness clothes has become more and more popular with high school girls. The brand has become known as the stereotypical outfit for teen girls. The fitness clothes still look good and keep high schoolers comfy for the stressful day ahead.


  1. Vineyard Vines

In the last weeks of Winter 2015, Vineyard Vines has been popping up almost everywhere in high school. A bonus to the stylish t-shirts and sweatshirts, a portion of each purchase goes to helping the community.