Disney Rewind: Which Disney Channel movie are you?


Sophie Piatczyc

  1. Pick a class
    1. Culinary Class
    2. Theatre
    3. Science
    4. Math


  1. Pick a sport.
    1. Baseball
    2. Basketball
    3. Dance
    4. Skateboarding


  1. Pick a favorite high school memories.
    1. Club Competitions
    2. Performances
    3. Concerts
    4. Parties


  1. How many people are in your group of friends?
    1. The whole team
    2. 6-10
    3. I have one best-friend
    4. I spend a lot of time with family


  1. Pick a color.
    1. White
    2. Red
    3. Purple
    4. Green


Mostly A’s: Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off

You like to spend time in the kitchen as well as bond with your team. Sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming, but in the end you’ll have it all under control.

Mostly B’s: High School Musical

You’re friends are most important to you. Sometimes it can cause drama, but you’re all bound to have an awesome summer.

Mostly C’s: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

You’re all about what’s coming next. You’re a trendsetter in all aspects: clothes, music, activities– all your friends come to you when asking for advice.

Mostly D’s: Smart House

You’re clever in the way of finding an easier way to complete tasks. Thankfully you have a house that will help you out with all your chores, and throwing the best parties!