Are you more Leslie Knope or Ann Perkins?


Are you more Leslie Knope or Ann Perkins?


Which best describes you?

A.) Very persistent and set in stone on your ideas

B.) You have your opinion but are willing to be flexible


Are you the friend that…

A.) Gives advice

B.) Needs advice


Do you like…

A.) To document your memories

B.) Live in the moment


Would you rather live…

A.) In your hometown where everything is familiar

B.) Some place new and exciting


Are you…

A.) Biased to ideas and people based on parents opinions

B.) Open to all ideas and people


Are you the person that…

A.) Has a long term plan and gets upset if plans change

B.) Goes with the flow and just works it out


Would you rather eat at…

A.) A diner that you have eaten at for years

B.) Some place new and unique


If you got more A’s, you are Leslie and if you got more B’s, you are Ann.