Niall Horan Concert Review


Anjelica Dry

The only word to describe the Niall Horan Concert is phenomiNiall. Everything from the event staff to the opening act to Niall Horan himself, was top-notch. TheLittle Thingsare “What made it Beautiful”.

A lot of people know Horan from the band One Direction. The band went on a hiatus in late 2015, and have yet to return (but they will).

Horan has now started a solo carrier, just like his other band mates. Horan is the second member of One Direction to go on a solo tour, following his bandmate, Harry Styles, who started his first tour in 2017.

Horan was in the middle of the US part of his tour, “Flicker World Tour”, when he came to Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. Fans and critics have really enjoyed his concerts, but it was a hundred times better than I expected.

The staff and security was very respectful. The helped you find your seats, and answered any questions. Even when the lines were long, they went by quickly.

The opening act, Maren Morris, was so energetic and cheerful. She seemed excited to be on tour and was very grateful to Horan for giving her the opportunity. Her songs were fun to sing along with, and her band seemed like they were having enjoying performing too.

Niall Horan was on a whole other level. Not only is he beautiful, but his voice is amazing. You could tell that he loved being on stage and he loved the crowd.

He started out the night by doing the emotional songs, in which I balled my eyes out the whole time.

There was a fan project created, we were all given a different colored piece of paper. The instructions told us to shine our flashlights through it when Horan sang his song, “Fire Away”.

Once “Fire Away” started, there were hundreds of people screaming and scrambling to get their phones out. We held up our flashlights and sang the meaningful lyrics.

It was extradinHarry to see everyone shining their lights on Niall. It was a surreal moment, and I will never forget it.

As our flashlights were shining, Horan couldn’t keep the smile off his face. I could see tears were threatening to spill.

The night only got more emotional from there. In the middle of the concert, Horan asked us all to put our phones in our pockets while he sang a song that was close to his heart. The song in which the album and tour was named after, “Flicker”.

As Horan sang this emotional song about losing love, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. The people sitting next to me were crying, the people behind my were crying. We all knew how meaningful  that song was to him.

Bruce Springsteen’s song “Dancing in the Dark”, was a highlight of the night as Horan did an amazing cover of the song. Beforehand, he praised Springsteen and called him one of his “inspirations”.

Morris and Horan performed their song, “Seeing Blind”, and it was a show stopper. Their voices sound amazing together, and they had a lot of chemistry. They seemed to enjoy performing together, and looked like they were just having fun on stage.

The night ended with Horan singing his single, “Slow Hands.” He put all of his energy into the closing song. He was jumping around, playing the guitar, dancing, laughing, and being himself. It was easy to tell that he enjoyed that song.

Throughout the years of One Direction and solo Niall Horan, he has changed a lot. It might just be a “Sign of the Times”, but when he was leaving, I wanted to say I “Miss You” and “Please Don’t Leave”.

Is that “Too Much To Ask?”