Safety in Schools: Schools Across the Country Discuss Precautions to Increase Safety for Students


There have been many school shootings since 1999. The first is Columbine, one of the first mass shootings killing 12 people. The second is Virginia Tech, killing 32 people, and causing people to start thinking about changing gun laws. The third is Chardon High School, killing 3 people, and causing a big emphasis on school safety training. The fourth is Sandy Hook Elementary, killing 20 kids, and the school decided to redesign the school for safety precautions. The fifth is Townville Elementary, where an 6-year old boy was shot and killed. The sixth San Bernardino Elementary, where an 8-year old boy and the man’s wife were shot and killed. The seventh was Marshall County High School, killing 2 kids, and causing other schools to start thinking about things like metal detectors. The eighth is Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people, and causing the gun control movement.

School Resource Officer Bobby Conard discusses the importance of constantly looking at ways to improve the safety in our schools.  This includes frequent drills during the school day and ensuring all students know what to do in the event of an emergency or an intruder in the school.  

All staff members are trained by Strategos. The company offers many courses and even trains the teachers at LSW. After shootings similar to Parkland, many schools are implementing new security measures. Even though LSW doesn’t currently have any measures in place yet, students had the opportunity to share their opinions about school safety precautions.