Taylor Robinson

Instagram kicked off 2019 with a new world record. On Jan. 23, 2019, an Instagram account, known as world_record_egg, got 50,676,573 likes on their picture, beating a post by Kylie Jenner for the most liked picture on Instagram.

The part that people find the most fascinating, is that the picture is a single egg with a white background. The controversy lies in whether the post innovative or just plain ridiculous.

“Why is it such a big deal?” freshman Brett Breshears said. Breshears said he rarely uses social media and doesn’t even have Instagram on his phone.

“I’m a spiritual person. I’m a biblical person, and it’s a distraction,” Breshears said. “It is a chance for people to show off the aspects of their life, but truly we can just do that by talking to one another.”

Breshears said he has his own beliefs about the egg’s popularity and the people who liked it. He said that they want to feel like they were a part of something.

Though sophomore Megan Brown jokes about liking the photo to “be a part of the movement,” she said she liked the photo simply because she thought it was funny.

“Good for them for going for it. It’s a valid mission,” Brown said.

Her love for social media roots from the ideas of keeping in touch with friends.

“I like sharing pictures, and I like seeing other people’s pictures. It’s like memories,” Brown  said.

Junior, Gracie Heath also liked the photo and proceeded to follow the account as well. She said that she is on social media about once a day; though she doesn’t focus much on getting likes, she does take some precautions on social media.

“I’ve definitely avoided liking certain people’s stuff on purpose,” Heath said.

Similar to Brown, Heath said she liked the photo after hearing about if from a friendbecause she found the post funny. However, Brown has her own opinion as to why so many people liked the photo.

The post itself has caused quite the buzz for just an egg. Though the post itself can be perceived as a mission, pointless, or just a funny joke, it can certainly be agreed upon that it’s something worth talking about. “I think it’s just a funny thing and like this generation’s humor is very random,” Heath said.