“Us” Movie Review


Kate Boles

“Us,” written and directed by Jordan Peele is one of the best horror movies to come out this year due to its complexity, storytelling and depth. Considering this is only Peele’s second movie, the first being the “Get Out” which received an Academy Award for best original screenplay, he’s already made a name for himself in the film industry.

The movie “Us” left me and everyone else in the theater shocked for many reasons. For starters, the plot for this movie goes in so many ways and is so complex that it made me not want to turn away for even a second.

This movie has a lot of depth plot-wise by starting out simple with a family going on vacation to the beach. You can tell from the beginning that there isn’t something right especially with the mother Adelaide who’s played by Lupita Nyong’O.

Throughout the progression of the film, the plot has several twists and turns beginning with the family being confronted by carbon copies of themselves who take over their vacation home and followed by many other moments that make you think throughout the film.

The acting in this movie is another aspect that makes this movie outstanding. It’s not uncommon for actors to have to play more than one character in a film or TV show, but it is unique that in this movie there are so many characters that have to do this.

Every main character has to execute this skill due to the main plot of the movie being that they have another version of themselves and they execute it perfectly. Being able to see an actor play two completely separate characters in the same scene, side by side, is the best way to show their capabilities and this film chose perfect moments and optimal actors to do so.

This film is also a true example of a horror movie and it’s able to show different aspects of the horror genre while also including psychological thriller aspects. It has gore and violence and also plays with your mind throughout the entirety of the film making the audience question every turn and change their mind at every plot twist.

It also does well what most horror and thriller films attempt and almost always fail at, it infuses a bit of humor. This movie is based around the Wilson family and the story is told through the reactions of the family. This allows for a real and authentic feeling to come through.

Winston Duke plays the second starring role of Gabe Wilson, Adelaide’s husband. He is able to infuse the comedic aspect due to him trying to be the protective father while having to battle with his Tethered counterpart along with being the typical cringy dad trying to be cool with the kids.

The next aspect of the film that makes it amazing is the score. The music in this film is written by Michael Abels, who also wrote the score for “Get Out”. The music in this film sets the entire tone for the film, and every song creates a sense of fear and apprehension even if the listener doesn’t realize it.

Another aspect of the music in this film is the editing along with the music. Especially in one of the most crucial scenes of the movie which is when the Tethered family invades the Wilson vacation home. During this scene, most of the fear comes from the sharp hits in the music that is paired with detailed editing to make the audience feel as though they’re being chased through the house as well.

For me personally, I feel as though this is the music I would imagine in my head if I was being chased through a house by a tethered version of myself.

The editing music to video brings me to the cinematography of this film. The way this film was shot was extremely well thought out and executed. Mike Gioulakis, the cinematographer for “Us” was able to make the audience feel like they were experiencing everything along with the Wilson family.

Also during fast-paced scenes like the invasion scene and when Adelaide follows her tethered to the other side you could still tell what was going on and it wasn’t confusing which can sometimes happen in fast-paced horror films.

Lastly to tie it all together the ending of this film was executed perfectly. Without giving anything away there are a few things I can mention. First of all, for the entirety of the movie viewers have a certain idea of how things are story-wise, but at the very end all the tables are turned and the entire movie is turned upside down and everything you thought is changed.

Also, something I liked in particular about the ending of this film is that you aren’t left completely confused. Some questions are answered without giving everything away which leaves the perfect amount of allusion to what the deeper meaning is.

This film takes apart the human psyche and analyzes it within itself. Throughout the film, you question what people’s real fears are. It questions who we are as humans and how far we’re willing to go, and all around creates an excellent experience for the viewer. I give this film 5/5 stars due to its complexity, plot, and overall acting and production.