Enola Holmes Review


Enola Holmes. Two things you might already know. One thing is that Enola spelled backwards is “alone”, and her being related to Sherlock Holmes, the infamous detective. With Enola’s mind as sharp as a tack, she goes on a quest to find her supposed missing mother, but of course with any quest, comes trouble and alliances.

On one morning, Enola awoke to her mother, Eudoria, missing. When Enola’s brothers Mycroft and Sherlock return and do not say what Enola wanted to hear, she left her home with the clues she has found in her home, from her mother, to investigate and bring her mother home. But when Enola ran off, a boy, who brought trouble with him, managed to be a part of her plan.                            

I have grown fond of Brown’s acting over the years ever since I saw her play Eleven on “Stranger Things”, so watching her play Enola was incredible and her performance blew me away. Enola is very independent compared to Brown’s character on “Stranger Things,” so seeing a new side to Brown felt very refreshing. 

The craft put into this movie was very nice and pleasing to see. The little animations and picture movements involved made it more interesting and had me constantly paying attention. It was like you were looking into her mind as she kept breaking the fourth wall.

With craft comes characters, and you will notice some familiar faces playing in this movie. For one, we have Brown, who I  mentioned above. We also can’t forget Eudoria Holmes, Enola’s mother, played by Helena Bohnam Carter, who also played Bellatrix LeStrange from the “Harry Potter” series. To finish the lineup, is Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DC Universe films. We have a mix of actors and actresses who have impressed most of us before in different genres of movies and shows.

Another thing I enjoyed about Enola as a character was she didn’t drastically change for anyone, but you noticed her tiny character developments throughout the movie.One example of development was her chemistry with Viscount Tewkesbury.

Tewkesbury was played by upcoming actor Louis Partridge, and is assumingly Enola’s love interest. I admit I have not heard of his name before this movie, but I am glad I got to know the name now, and hope to see him in more acting projects to come. I really enjoyed Partridge’s acting, especially in earlier scenes when Partridge gave his character, Tewksbury, the feelings he had for Enola in the very early scenes of them together.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Enola Holmes has a rotten tomato of 92%. In other words, it was a success, being placed in Netflix’s Top 10 films/shows in the United States. I believe it was a hit because the ending wasn’t necessarily what you would expect and, Enola’s way of carrying herself throughout the movie is something quite unique from most films.

The theme of the movie was something you wouldn’t have thought twice about while watching, until you make it to the end. It has you see the whole film in a different light, or magnifying glass.