The Good Place Review


The Good Place season four is filled with twists and turns. The head architect of the good place neighborhood Micheal’s designs a new neighborhood for four new residents. Elanor Shellstrop is the head of the new experiment to prove that the points system,, which determines if a human gets into the good or bad place is flawed. The bad place, who is against Micheal Tahani, Jason, and Elanor (the members of the good place), try to sabotage the experiment in several ways including designing residents of the neighborhood as members of the bad place, placing look-alike in the good place, and kidnapping members from the good place. 

The main plot of season four is for the good place to make the four new residents better people to show the judge the point system is flawed. The experiment is completed, the judge agrees the point system is flawed, and as a solution is going to erase all humans- from earth, the good place, and bad place. The good place is trying to find another solution. They eventually come to a compromise with the bad place by creating a medium place. The medium place will determine if a person moves forward to the good or bad place.  

What good show doesn’t have a complicated love triangle? Chidi and Elanor were soulmates when they were members of the good place. Now that they are no longer there, and they still love each other. However, Chidi volunteers to have his memory erased so he will not compromise the experiment with his ex-girlfriend- is one of the new residents. Chidi can no longer remember Elanor-and that drives her crazy.

I really enjoyed watching seasons one through three- and season four did not disappoint. I like how the show incorporates trends but not in a cringy way. My favorite character is Jason because he is not the brightest and doesn’ try to be funny. He always frequently talks about Florida and all the crazy things he did there. He represents stereotypical people from Florida. 

The show does have great life learned by the characters throughout the show. “Tahini taught me that you can make a family even if you really never really had one. Jason taught me that I have value beyond what I for other people. And Eleanor, there was a moment on Earth when all hope was lost, and I watched you have hope anyway”, Janett said. 

I recommend A Good Place to anyone who is wanting a feel-good show. The show has comedy, a love triangle, and a great plot. However, you will have to watch the show from the beginning to understand. 

Watch seasons one through four on Netflix.