Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start getting gifts for our friends and family. Gift giving can be hard, so here are a few ideas from your fellow peers that might help you out.

 Freshman Juaquin Avis said that some good Christmas gift ideas would be, “clothing like hoodies, sweatshirts and mostly just cozy items.” Avis said that candy, chocolate and gummies are also good options. “Or something meaningful to the person you’re giving it to.” 

Sophomore Jeremiah Johnson also had a similar idea, “One of the gifts I’m giving out to my friends is basically a gift basket.” Johnson said that he filled the basket with candy, chocolates and miscellaneous items.

Some people, like Johnson, don’t like getting gifts, but still feel the need to get them something special. 

Johnson said that a good gift for people who don’t like receiving gifts is the simple act of spending time with them. “Honestly just seeing them in person. Say Merry Christmas, check up on them, talk to them, have a conversation,” Johnson said. 

If you’re looking for gifts for someone who likes to game, Sophomore Micheal Harlow had some ideas. “Rainbow Six Siege or the Xbox series X are all good.”  

Luke Furnell, another sophomore, also had ideas in this category, “Games or controllers, and a headset.” 

Harlow said that his go-to gift was money and candy. “90% of the time it would be Reese’s Cups.” 

Furnell says that he enjoys getting movies, and if you’re looking for a gift that is guaranteed to please anyone, clothes do the trick. “You can’t go wrong with clothes, specifically sweatpants,” Furnell said. 

Senior Emily Mettlach said that gifts that are suitable for everyone would be, “a Sherpa pullover, candles and blankets, sweatshirt/sweatpants set, matching bracelets either for a best friend or a couple.” 

If you’re wondering what to get a girl, Mettlach had some ideas. “For girls specifically I would say dainty jewelry, hair clips or scrunchies.” 

If all else fails, “I think anyone would like a blanket and a candle,” Mettlach said. 

Sophomore Paige Devoy said that she personally likes getting things like a sweatshirt, hats or Funko Pops. “My go-to-gift would be candy and a drink,” Devoy said. 

Freshman Audrey Bastow also thought that candles would be a fun gift for anyone, “fuzzy socks too,” said Bastow. 

Sophomore Mariah Roath said that she loves receiving gift cards or money, “It’s something I can always use, but I am thankful for every gift I get.”  

Roath agreed with Furnell and Avis, “You can never go wrong with clothes.”

Like everyone else, Roath sometimes doesn’t know what to get someone. “If I’m ever stuck on a gift idea, I always either go to giving gift cards or making a basket full of things they love! For example, maybe making a spa day basket, putting a lot of things they like and then also putting lots of spa day gifts. Or if I give a gift card, I give them one of their favorite stores or a restaurant I know they love!”