1800’s Fashion Trends Regain Popularity


Netflix’s “Bridgerton” is a fresh take on a period piece drama, with a unique and modern twist that has influenced the latest fashion trends. From Vogue to TikTok, everyone has been buzzing about a new Regency-era-inspired style, thanks to the series.

In the show, the aristocratic Bridgerton family is entering the new courting season for young ladies. In 1813 London, presentation is everything. The wardrobe of a woman can make or break her chances of finding a husband, so naturally, the costume design for the show is gorgeous. 

Since the release of the Netflix original, there have been mixed reviews regarding the style of the show. Some critics have said that the costumes aren’t historically accurate for the time period, however, the costume designer of “Bridgerton” said it was intentional. 

The series has frequent hints of modernity laced into it’s soundtrack, theme, and even the wardrobe. With inspiration drawn from intricately designed gowns and suits, recent runway looks and street-style chic have mirrored the delicacy of the show’s time period.

Many favorite features by the show’s designer, Ellen Mirojnic, include scooped necklines, puff-sleeves, and surprisingly; inspiration from 1950’s Christian Dior. 

By introducing components from multiple different decades and eras, Mirojnic has explained that it adds a more timeless feel to the clothing pieces. The versatility of the current style is proven by including artistry from the 1810’s and 1950’s at the same time, even through they are two drastically different periods of fashion. 

Because of these subtle nods, it has been easy to see the similarities in new “Bridgerton-like” looks with a 21st century twist. 

Senior Alaina Fitzmaurice said that she is excited about  this “new” wave of classic fashion. “I would wear this style now because I have always wanted to wear something from the 1800’s. I do think it matches 2021 style and I think 2021 fashion will tend to be a modern version of older styles.”

Like many crazes, this obsession with the Regency look spread on social media and made its way onto major magazines and runways. “I have seen it trending mostly on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. I personally have not bought any of the new styles, but I definitely plan to. With the trend being everywhere, I don’t doubt I will find a place to buy them,” Fitzmaurice said. 

Sophomore Milan Grimes is also excited to hop on the bandwagon.

 “My favorite part of the show was definitely the costumes. You never knew what someone would show up in for the ball, or what someone would wear to tea. Everything was breathtaking, women and men alike,” Grimes said. 

So far, popular pieces with inspiration from the show include corset bodices, jewelry, florals, and pastels. “I really enjoy the corsets. I also like the color pallet, you can go with bold or soft tones depending on what you like,” Fitzmaurice said. 

A focal point of this fashion movement is versatility. With many different events and dress codes included in the show, it is easy to add a unique twist to your look. 

“I think in 2021 our generation is really focused on individuality. You can see all kinds of personalities through people’s clothing. For example, In the show I loved the extravagant jewelry the women would wear to compliment their gowns. I also love the vibrant colors used in all the fabrics for the costumes. I can see that mirrored in the modern version of this style,” Grimes said. 

Overall, the main result of this popular period piece has proven to be it’s new wave in present-day fashion. The distinctive features of this trend are timeless but refreshing, unique but wide-range.

 “ …With this trend there is such a large variety of choices. I feel like there’s something for everyone. I think because so many people have wanted this style, it will stay around for a while and continue to change and adapt into something new.” said Fitzmaurice.