Marvel introduces ‘WandaVision’


Marvel fans have been waiting for the release of WandaVision since the project was announced in 2020. According to IMDb, a database for films and shows, WandaVision “blends the style of classic sitcoms with the MCU in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two superpower beings living their ideal suburban lives, begins to suspect that everything is not as it seems.”

It comes to no surprise to hear that a student from West has heard of the series’ announcement and gained excitement for the series. Senior Marie Monaghan heard about the series’ existence through FaceBook and YouTube.

With Monaghan’s love for Marvel, her expectations for this series were pretty high due to the main two characters itself and didn’t want for the series to mess up anything. “They are taking two amazing characters and I really don’t want them to ruin what they created in the movies. Marvel has made so many great movies. I hope they can show that talent in a television show,” Monaghan said.

Senior Christina Berkstresser, who enjoys Marvel’s movies as well, said she’s really hoping to learn more about Wanda’s past. “In the Avenger movies, her character strictly focuses on her powers. I think it’ll be interesting to watch her character develop,” Berkstresser said. 

Both Berkstresser and Monaghan have watched every Marvel movie but have opposite thoughts on the series living up to the Marvel films themselves. Monaghan does not believe that the series will live up to the films and should have the D.C. universe stick to the shows. 

Monaghan said,“Marvel shows in my opinion always fall short in some way or another. One of the things I have always said was ‘Marvel makes the best movies, and D.C. makes the best television shows.’ I don’t know what the difference is between a movie and a television show but in my opinion I can always see one when it comes to Marvel movies and television shows.”

Berkstresser is on the opposite side of the spectrum and thinks that it will live up, but will be hard to tell. “I hope it lives up to Marvel’s movies but because the plots split up into segments it’ll be hard to say,” Berkstresser said.

WandaVision premiered two of their episodes on Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, and so far the only words Monaghan can think of to describe it are different and confused. “It feels like an old show and I don’t hate it but I’m also very confused. I think it would’ve been better for them to have waited to have all of the episodes for the season released at the same time so it would’ve been less confusing and you’d be able to watch all the episodes and get some answers to the confusion.”

Monaghan said because she was really confused watching the episodes, she  can not imagine someone who has not watched the films and their amount of confusion. For those who have watched the films, Monaghan’s advice is for those people to keep their mind open to and just keep watching and it will become better and less confusing.¨

WandaVision´s two episode premiere took me by surprise with how different the plot is from any other show. The first two episodes were a great kick starter and I am very excited to see how the rest of the season fills up the plot one by one.