Goodbye Netflix, Hello Disney+


Nov. 12th marked the one year anniversary of Disney+ being launched. Following that, the people of Disney decided to give us a sneak peak at what would be coming next. 

Those who are familiar with the movie “Enchanted,” and liked it, will be pleased to know that Disney has announced a sequel called “Disenchanted.” The release date for this film is yet to be announced, but fans are already excited after hearing that Patrick Dempsy will be returning to star alongside Amy Adams. 

Another big announcement talked about was the loved classic, Sister Act getting a third movie. It has been confirmed that Whoopi Goldberg will be returning to not only star, but also produce. 

On James Corden’s Late Late Show, Goldberg talked about Sister Act 3 saying, “For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it, then it turns out that may not be true … so we’re working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back.” The release date to this fan favorite has not been announced either. 

Disney announced a lot of films on their Investor day, a day in which Disney announces their new projects. Many of them, like the ones previously mentioned, are sequels. 

Senior Emily Lyon, lover of Disney, said that although there are some sequels that she has enjoyed, such as Frozen 2, there have also been sequels that were not needed. 

A live-action remaking of Peter Pan, called Peter Pan and Wendy will also be hitting theatres. Although the release date to this film has also not been announced, the actors for the fim have. Yara Shahidi will be starring as Tinkerbell, and Jude Law as Captain Hook. 

13 year-old Ever Anderson has been cast as Wendy, and newcomer Alexander Molony will make his debut as Peter Pan. 

Sources have informed the public that the role of Tiger Lily is to be re-imagined, and Alyssa Wapanatâhk, another newcomer, is happy to take on the role. 

Lyon thinks that some remakes are OK, but that it seems that’s the only thing Disney is doing. “It’s fun to remake things, but it’s beginning to feel like their only content,” said Lyon. 

Lyon isn’t the only Disney fan that thinks like this, sophomore Kara Miller agreed. “Remaking old classic movies was a cool idea at first, but Disney is overusing it and they need some new ideas,” Miller said.

Another live-action re-make that has been announced is Pinocchio. Fans have been sharing their thoughts on this film, and not all of them are positive. One Twitter user, Hana Aialyne said, “There is no possible way that movie will end up being enjoyable in the slightest.” 

Miller also had similar thoughts. “Honestly Pinocchio scared me as a kid so I think it’s going to be an absolute train wreck.” 

Others, like Lyon, are excited to see how Disney will portray this classic film. “Pinocchio has always been one of my favorites because I very much love classic Disney, so I’m super excited to see where they go with this new telling of the story,” Lyon said.

A movie that does have a release date is Cruella, a movie about the life of one of Disney’s classic villains, Cruella Deville. The movie is set in 1970’s punk-rock london, stars Emma Stone as Cruella and is set to be out in theatres on May 28, 2021.

Miller said that she is very excited for this movie. “It’s in the perspective of the villain, like Maleficent was, and I really liked that movie,” Miller said. 

While Disney is feeding us with new content, Neftilx is taking it away. Many popular shows were taken off of Netflix in 2020, and one in particular had many fans enraged. The Office was a lot of people’s favorite shows, and many watched the series  multiple times. 

This was the case for sophomore Alex Santoro, who claims he watched the show “1,000 times.” “On Dec. 31, I watched my favorite episode, closed my laptop and thought to myself, this was a good end of an era.”  

Santoro says that Netflix’s ratings might lower because of the purge of their most popular shows. “The reason Neftlix became popular was because of their mixture of classics and their own originals. Getting rid of the classics, in my eyes, will severely lower their ratings,” said Santoro. 

He also said that he hasn’t been on Netflix that much anymore. “I now go many days where I think of watching Disney Plus, but for some time now I haven’t even thought about hopping onto Netflix.”

Another comfort show taken off of this streaming platform was “Gossip Girl.” Sophomore Ella Cronhardt said that taking “Gossip Girl” off of Netflix took her by surprise. “Considering it was for sure one of the best shows on Netflix I am confused why they took it off.” 

Cronhardt said that although she can’t watch it on Netflix anymore, she found that she was able to watch it on HBO Max. She said that Netflix has made a mistake by taking popular shows off. “I think that it will lower their revenue,” Cronhardt said.  

Although we are saying a bittersweet goodbye to the good shows that Netflix had, we are also welcoming the new movies that Disney has promised us.