Soul Review


Disney and Pixar are  known for their heartwarming and tear-jerking movies. “Toy Story” was released in 1995 being Pixar’s first film to show to the world. According to Pixar has created 23 feature films with “Soul” being the 23rd.

The movie’s main character is  Joe Gardner,  voiced by Jamie Foxx. Gardner is a middle school band teacher trying to make it big in the jazz music industry. This movie goes on a long journey following through the eyes of Joe Gardner. Joe gets a big break in his music, but that comes to a stop when Joe has a near death experience. This near death experience puts him in the afterlife making him regret taking his life for granted. Over the course of the movie, Joe Gardner learns that the little things in life are what’s important.

Joe gets to see life through another point of view with a character named 22. 22, who is voiced by Tina Fey, represents those who think of life as pointless. Through the help of Joe, 22 sees what life is all about. They go on fun adventures and have to work together to help each other get what they want. 

“Soul” and “Inside Out” both have similar animations styles. Both of these shows have very colorful scenes making the viewer feel like they’re watching in real time. The creaters of “Soul” made is so you can see every detail in the wood or the reflection of sunlight on the windows. This movie was beautify made and keeps the audience wanting more.

“Soul” is about finding your “spark.” The movie speaks greatly on everyone having a purpose, and finding that purpose is what life is all about. This 1 hour and 47-minute  animation film teach us that life is a blessing even when it doesn’t go as planned.

Junior Izzy Touzinsky said  that she thought “Soul” “was a great movie.” “Soul is about doing what makes you happy and you should always follow your dreams. You only have one life, so you should do everything to make yourself happy. Instead of what society tells you what to do,” Tousinsky said. 

With this, I’ve heard many amazing things about the movie. Junior Sam Matthews said, ”I think that the film was good. I enjoyed the animation as always. However, I found that the humans’ portion was more interesting than the little cartoon souls. I thought lots of the humor was good, and it was overall a good experience.”

I think “Soul” is a great movie; I usually don’t watch cartoons, but when I heard from my friends how good it was, I had to check it out. Sometimes we all need to be reminded how important life is and that we all have our sparks in the world. Pixar did a fantastic job with the animation and showed its audience a different perspective through black culture. They highlighted the many different styles of animated black hair, which made the movie more realistic. This movie talks about the movement of jazz music throughout the generations and helps educate the viewers on the impact jazz music can have on someone’s life. The film was beautifully laid out and designed just perfectly to keep the audience on their toes. Overall I highly recommend watching the movie and seeing the animated feature for yourself.