Olympic Recap


Mia Guidolin

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing started Feb. 4, and came to a wrap on Feb. 20 with Norway taking home 16 gold medals, Germany 12, China 9, and the U.S tying with Sweden and the Netherlands with 8. This year, the United States finished with 26 medals, giving a grand total of 330 olympic medals.

Team USA marched in the closing ceremony, where Elana Meyers Taylor, a bobsledder, was elected to carry the U.S flag. She is the first person to be nominated to carry her country’s flag for both the opening and closing olympic ceremonies since 1948, and has also become the most decorated Black athlete to compete in the winter olympics. After the victory that gave her this title, Taylor told reporters that “It’s so crazy to hear that stat, and know that I’m part of a legacy that’s bigger than me.”

The next big event taking place in Beijing is the Paralympics, the largest international event for people with physical disabilities to take part in. The Paralympics will take place from March 4 through 13.