Titan Basketball Gains New Fans


Natalee Still

On Tuesday Feb. 22, residents of John Knox Village arrived at LSW to watch the boys basketball game. 

Member of Titan Legacy, senior Gage Hayes helped take lead in inviting John Knox residents to be a part of the LSW community. Hayes helped set up a time when the residents could come to watch an LSW basketball game. The John Knox game was an opportunity for Titan Legacy to involve the residents and help them become Titan fans. 

Hayes said his club took pictures with the guests when they arrived, then showed them parts of the school. Titan Legacy members gave them water, popcorn, and hung out with them while they watched the game. With about 20 residents of John Knox joining the Titan community for the boy’s varsity basketball game on 2/22/22, Hayes said they enjoyed their time. 

He said having them come to the games and events at the school leaves “an impact in a way that now they are connected to Lee’s Summit West and now they become fans of Lee’s Summit West.” Hayes also said the residents plan to come back to LSW to watch baseball and would love to come back for more events in the future.