Abbey Stoetzel on Youth in Government


Commentary by Abbey Stoetzel

I am not the first one to jump at the idea of politics; however, I will be one of the first ones to jump at the idea of Youth in Government (YIG).

What is YIG you ask? Well, YIG is a mock state government. There is a legislative, executive, and judicial branch, along with a media program. Most students from West compete in legislative, but also sometimes cross over to judicial, or take a role in the executive branch. We are able to use the actual government buildings that the important people use. The convention takes place over a three day period, so yes, school being missed is a thing.

YIG does not require you to be educated in current events or anything (although it helps). Not only is YIG fun, but you learn a lot, and I mean, A LOT. From current events, to environmental concerns, to how the government and politics work, so much is to be learned while at the convention.

One of my favorite parts about YIG is the friendships you make. The convention is full of people from around the state of Missouri, so you can meet people from St. Louis, Jefferson City, and even find new people who live in Lee’s Summit.

If you are at all interested in current events, politics, government, making new friends, or having an amazing experience, YIG is something you should try.