Diversity Assembly Draws Attention to Differences


Story by Alex Asbury

West has diversity in its student body from ethnicity, race, religion, disabilities or simply a difference in gender and on December 17th and 18th West will be showing those differences in the Diversity Assembly.

Whether it be shown through skits, songs, dances, poems, videos, speeches or any other form of expression the students will be showing the importance of diversity at West.

“It gives people a chance to showcase their diversity,” said Julie Begnaud, French teacher and head of the Diversity Assembly.

The acts performing will be split up in to four sections, one section for each grade level and each section is estimated to last 20 to 30 minutes. Those performances will occur during two all day testing days during advisory.

Not only does the assembly help show the diversity of the student or students performing, but also helps the students become closer and understand eachothers differences.

“Learning about what makes us a diverse school provides a chance for everyone to be okay and open up to the factors that set us apart,” said captain of The Steppers, who will be performing in the assembly, Ogechi Ofodu.

Begnaud also expresses her and the Diversity Committee’s inferences on the positive effects of having the Diversity Assembly.

“We felt like by valuing diversity, people would feel better about themselves,” said Begnaud.

The Diversity Assembly gives many opportunities to students and staff to show the differences within the school.

“Everybody should have a chance to show what’s unique about them,” said Vetta Manning, math teacher and coach of the step team.