Olivia Piersee Pursues Art


Story by Taylor Clewell

One of seven children, Junior Olivia Piersee comes from a family of artists. Growing up in the Piersee household, art was just something that was natural and was a part of everyday life.  olivia piersee

“My whole family does art,” Olivia said. Each and every one of the seven Piersee kids is involved in art in some way. “It’s crazy, but I like having more people to talk to,” said Olivia.

After coming out of a long relationship, Olivia once again turned to art as a way to express herself.  “It’s one of the healthier ways to get my emotions out,” Olivia said.

Like most aspiring art students, Olivia began in visual arts, and worked her way up.  This year, Olivia said making IB Art was her biggest accomplishment.

“She’s always working on art; always doodling, always painting,” said Freshman Emma Piersee, Olivia’s sister.

Olivia’s favorite-and current-project involves a picture of her sister done in charcoal and spray paint.

Olivia said she hopes to become an elementary school art teacher, beginning by teaching the basics of art to younger students.  As students grow older, she said she hopes to be able to show them that art can be an outlet for expressing emotions and overcoming challenges.