Camryn Halboth Finds Her Place in West


Story by Emma Coleman

Taking a walk in Freshman Camryn Halboth’s shoes would consist of nearly 1400 metaphorical miles. Camryn Halboth

Like many others, she has experienced the challenges of moving away from her friends. “It was hard at first. I [knew] them all since preschool,” Halboth said. Halboth grew up in Flint, Mich. She lived there for over 13 years before moving to Edmond, Okla.

Halboth attended a private school in Oklahoma with a class of only 34 eighth-graders. This helped her through some of the hardships of moving. She said that living in Oklahoma was one her favorite times. “I felt like I fit in,” she said. After only ten months of living in Oklahoma, Halboth moved again to Lee’s Summit.

West is the first public school Halboth has attended. She has been involved in a lot of activities and has made many new friends. Halboth is in choir, theater, kindness council, book club, and has joined the archery team.

“She’s a bundle of joy,” said Freshman Natalie Hudson, a class friend of Halboth’s. “[She’s] always happy and laughing.”

Halboth also plays the French Horn and the Mellophone. During the summer, she travels back to Michigan and goes to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp where campers spend 12 days practicing and refining their skills before the final presentation on the last day of camp.

Halboth said she hopes to continue playing the music she loves, but she also wants to do something that will make a change. “The world amazes me,” she said. “I want to pursue something that makes a difference.”

Halboth said she hopes to become a scientist in order to achieve her goal of making an impact on the world.