Childish Gambino’s new album takes a twist on music


Childish Gambino changed the entire game and shocked millions with his new album, “Awaken My Love!”

All four of Gambino’s albums have a different kind of twist on it, but his latest one is probably the most interesting. However, comparing this album to any of his others is unrealistic. It’s just simply not anything like any of his others.

If you’re looking for the album to have a rap, hip hop feel to it like “Because The Internet,” then you’ve came to the wrong place. This album does not have a Frank Ocean-y feel like “Kauai” does either.

The evolution of his music is incredible. He has started to use more instruments and sounds in his songs that make it sound unique. This album has so many different genres of music to it, from rock to r&b to funk.

The first couple songs take a little bit getting used to just because it is just so weird: “Boogieman,” and “Zombies” are the two notable songs in the beginning of the album. They both give off a spooky feeling that makes you want to skip the song… just don’t. It definitely shows the funk of the album.

But the second half has more of that relaxed, r&b feel to it. “Redbone” has an easy-to-listen-to beat and an auto tuned voice that often repeats lyrics, so it’s easy to follow.  “Terrified” does have kind of a spooky feel to it, but it’s more peaceful and relaxing than it is scary. “Baby Boy” is the last must-listen-to of the second half of the album because of the instruments he uses and the different kinds of voices he uses: he screams, he sings jazzy, he speaks.

A lot of the songs are definitely longer than they should be. Gambino uses a lot of instrumental, and it can get very repetitive. He usually has a long period of instrumental then starts singing or talking or has a featured artist sing or talk, so you’re stuck listening to the boring part. Or there’s just a minute and half of instrumental that doesn’t mean a lot at the end. It gets annoying.

“California” is a good song, but it is definitely irritating. He has this whiney, Jamaican-like voice and it’s cool for about a minute or so, but I can never find myself listening to the full song.

“How Me and Your Mama Met” is just a song with instrumental and is kind of irrelevant, but I’m sure there’s a reason behind it and it’s relaxing to listen to sometimes.

“Me and Your Mama” is hands down the best song on the album. The song shares characteristics with Tame Impala’s music in the beginning, and then he comes in with this screaming, heart broken, painful, rock and roll voice that makes you want to scream with him.

No song is the same on this album, not the instrumental, not the meaning, not even his voice.

Childish Gambino is a rapper, a singer, a writer, an actor, and a director, and he just added this album on the list of his achievements.